Support Us

Divine Concepts provides resources and services for seniors, veterans, our disabled community and our youth.

We want to offer support and services to that demographic in the Las Vegas area.

Thank you for your interest in helping support our mission which provides services and support to those in need. We’ve put together a list of the most needed items. Every little bit helps!

Our Youth

The most needed school supplies are pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, spiral notebooks, notebook dividers, calculators (simplistic to scientific calculators), glue sticks, index cards, protractor & compass sets, USB flash drives, combination locks for lockers & bikes, and backpacks. Food items needed include juices, crackers, instant cup noodle soup, individual instant oatmeal, pop-tarts, granola bars, and individual fruit

cups – non-perishable items that can be carried. $25 Contribution for Holiday Meal Box for high school students and their family gently used or new clothing and small fleece throws, briefs, undershirts, white socks, dress socks, bras, panties, and tank tops, shoes. Feminine products are critical need items.

Our Seniors

The most requested toiletries from the Senior ladies, scented shower gels with the matching lotions, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and cologne and dusting powder, such as Jean Nate and Chantilly. Other specific lotions requested are Dove, Keri, Jergen’s and Lubriderm.

The most requested toiletries from the Senior men are lotions and body washes specifically created for men such as Gillette, Dove, Nivea, Vaseline & Palmers. And because they want to smell good, the colognes and aftershaves most requested are Old Spice, English Leather & Brut.

The gentlemen like to look their best and some of their most requested clothing items include flannel shirts, button down shirts, sweat suits, undershirts, pajama pants, slippers, pocket t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, cardigan sweaters, khaki pants, socks, and the all-important belt. After all, who says men cannot be fashionable too.

The Senior ladies like to be fashionable and get dressed up. Some of the most requested items include nightgowns, slippers, housedresses, pull-on elastic waist pants, polo tops in both long-sleeves and short-sleeves, cardigan sweaters, sweat suits, and socks. And to make the outfit perfect, costume jewelry is always a great gift. Long necklaces that can go over their heads, stretch bracelets and clip-on earrings. After all, it's all about the accessories.

Donate Clothes—Clothing in all sizes and styles for women, men, and children

* Donate Clothing accessories – purses, belts, ties, wallets

* Donate Dresses – wedding dress, prom dress, formal wear

* Donate Bedding, curtains, drapes, linens

* Donate Household items—small appliances, blenders, toasters, dishes, glassware, housewares, and home décor

* Donate Books—hardbacks, paperbacks, textbooks

* Donate Electronics– CD players, DVD players, radios, VCRs, iPods, cameras

* Donate Toys– skates, games, bikes

* Donate Records, tapes, CD’s & DVD’s

* Donate Sports equipment

* Donate Shoes

* Donate Office supplies

* Donate Furniture—small chairs, nightstands, end tables, small bookshelves, small rugs

* Donate Home Improvement Items – appliances, building materials, hardware, and more.

* Donate Cars – autos, trucks, RVs, motorcycle, trailers, boats

Donations that may or may not be accepted:

* Donate Computer equipment—computers, CPU’s, monitors, printers, towers, PCs

* Donate Large Furniture – couch, sectionals, dining room tables, desks

* Donate Stuffed Animals

* Donate Building materials

* Donate Baby items

* Donate Exercise equipment—stationary bikes, treadmills, universal sets, weights

* Donate Large appliances—washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves

* Donate TV’s—televisions, including a big screen or console type

Donations NOT accepted:

* Broken, stained, non-working items

* Firearms and Ammunition (including BB guns, pellet guns, and arrows)

* Construction debris used carpet

* Paints, fuels or solvents

* Donate a Mattress or box spring

* Donate Magazines & Newspapers